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The Club

Piston Broke is a social motorbike club in Bali with members all around the world. It was founded in 1995 by a couple of expatriates.

When the club was founded, these expatriates had the idea
of getting a group together with similar interests like riding a bike and partying.

Originally the club was started with a few members who lived in Bali.
Soon others who came regularly to Bali for holiday were interested to join as well.

Life's good and the mob parties H A R D. As well as the social interaction
the club also raises money for local orphonages and charities.

Piston Broke has also organised many Bike shows and other fun events.

Threre are now members in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Europe. The Clubhouse is now at " BARB'S SPORT WARUNG " in Sanur.

So if you like a party, the odd beer or two and don't mind throwing your
leg over ( a motorbike ! ) come and join us.
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Piston Broke Bali


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